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A Vesica Marketing Consultant is an expert at all things in internet marketing, so in addition to our search engine optimization, email marketing, pay per click marketing, social marketing, and website design services, we also offer a number of other internet marketing services that can dramatically build your business.

Just consider us a one stop shop for internet marketing services. You’ll recognize many of these services as part of step three of our Four Step Marketing Method — the Marketing Arsenal

  • Amazon And EBay Marketing – By setting up your very own Amazon and EBay stores, we can get your products and services selling fast. Along with setting up stores that bring in sales and leads from these incredibly popular websites, we can also automate them so you spend your time working on your business instead of trying to figure out how to manage your stores.
  • Podcasting – There are millions of people on iTunes every day looking for help and information through podcasts. Vesica Marketing Group can help you create audio podcasts to upload to iTunes that establish you as an expert while also converting leads into prospects and customers.
  • Video Marketing – Vesica Marketing Group has a number of video marketing options available for our clients, including setting up walk on spokespeople for your website, creating informative search engine optimized videos for your website, or even creating viral videos for YouTube.
  • Affiliate Marketing – If your business does not have an affiliate marketing program, you’re missing out on a ton of potential sales that can come your way via an army of commission based salespeople. We have the know how to create affiliate marketing programs that attract experienced affiliate marketers that know how to market and can increase your revenues like crazy.
  • Infusionsoft Marketing – When it comes to marketing automation, Infusionsoft is the best option available anywhere. Vesica Marketing Group is an Infusionsoft expert. Not only can we set up your Infusionsoft software, but we can also train you how to use it in the most profitable way.
  • Microsite Marketing – Increase your sales by increasing the number of websites you have out there through microsite marketing. Dominate the search results with keyword domains and microsites that rank highly and draw lots of traffic.
  • Content Marketing – The larger your website, the better the search engines will like it. Having a three page website just doesn’t cut it anymore. Three pages doesn’t always provide enough information for prospects and customers to make a buying decision, and it doesn’t usually give the search engines enough juice to rank it highly. With content marketing, we can turn your three page website into a 300 page website using strategies like blogging.

Increase Your Web Traffic

These are just a few of the other internet marketing services Vesica Marketing Group offers. To learn more, give us a call at our toll free number 866-384-3080 or CLICK HERE. We’d like to speak to you and offer you a FREE no obligation 30 minute internet marketing consultation.

Increasing your sales is as easy as increasing your web traffic and Vesica Marketing Group has the experience and expertise to do just that.


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