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Media Design Services

Sometimes when consulting with clients, we find marketing pieces that need a little adjustment. For the most part, businesses come to us looking to build their brand and increase their name recognition as a leader in their field.

We agree this is important, but most of our clients don’t have the resources to invest millions of dollars in branding and name recognition, not to mention the time it takes for people to begin to recognize the brand and name of the business.

What sounds better — waiting around for people to start to associate the color fuchsia with your business (as with branding), or placing an advertisement in a print magazine with a free offer for people to call a 24 hour free recorded message where the phone system captures caller information, so you generate steady, automated leads for your follow up?

Option number two sounds a whole lot better to us too.

Need Immediate Results?

Most businesses want it now, so that’s why Vesica Marketing Group offers our media design services that focus in on two specialized areas.

  1. Accountability – Vesica Marketing Group believes that every piece of media advertising must have accountability. We achieve accountability through tracking that gives you the power to monitor your return on investment on your media advertising. In other words, you’ll know which of your media ads bring in the highest returns and which ones fail to convert at all.
  2. Action – Instead of focusing just on the branding of your business, we really focus in on your unique selling proposition and free offer. By providing your free offer in media, you generate leads and your unique selling proposition converts those leads and sales

The best way to learn whether our media design services is for you to pick up your phone and give us a call.


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