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One question we often hear business owners ask is “How often should I update my website?”  The short answer is as often as there is content worth updating.  As a business owner in these modern times staying connected with your customer base is a necessary aspect of a quality customer relationship.

There are several reasons why updating your website is important. As your business changes, you offer new products, new services, industry tips, staff changes, and promotions.  Customers have got to know, like, and trust you; taking the time to provide your customers with these updates, and to stay connected with them says that you care about your relationship with your customers.  Updating your site is a way to let your customers know you care about them.

Additionally how your site is ranked by Google and other search engines varies depending on your level of interaction and connection with your customer base.  Failing to keep up with the changing landscape of the digital world can be detrimental to the success of your business’s online presence. Google ignores your website if it isn’t updated.  Viewers get a bad impression if there is old data on your website.  This isn’t about tooting your own horn, this is about making sure your website is visible when your potential customers are searching.

Another factor to consider is that as technologies change, so should your website. With the integration and increasing usage of mobile devices, tablets, and smart phones web usage is no longer limited to the desktop or laptop computers of yesterday.  A potential customer is more likely to search your company through a mobile device before ever sitting down behind a computer.  If your site formatting is outdated it can prevent customers from viewing your site, and they are more likely to go to your competitor.  You never get a second chance to make a first impression, old content and outdated technology is not the impression you want to give.

Vesica Marketing group has a solution, the website enhancement program takes an existing website that is lacking in content, functionality or visual appeal and turns it into a high quality marketing website that will serve as the centerpiece of your marketing and communication efforts. Our website enhancement program offers the ability to include advanced functionality like a custom plugin, customer portal, payment gateway, and many other custom software integration.

Our Website Enhancement Program includes:

  • A fully “responsive” version of your website; designed and built to properly format onto any screen where your site may be viewed.

  • Quality software product that is well thought-of, intuitive to use, looks good and has minimal bugs and security vulnerabilities.

  • Peace of mind knowing that there is a dedicated project manager and team of professionals working for you.

  • Access to your project in real-time through your dedicated project management portal  with Basecamp.

How we do it:
The program begins with a strategy meeting wherein we will identify the goals & objectives for your website project, the site’s intended purpose, your target niche, how customers will contact you, an onsite offers, analytics, and website traffic tracking.

Once these factors are determined, we will develop a customized marketing plan that will meet all of these objectives. With your approval, we’ll move into the design phase where we’ll conceptualize exactly what the new system will look like when it’s done. We’ll then begin programming the feature in a development server where you can observe progress, and we’ll update you along the way.

As code is developed, we’ll test it constantly for bugs, browser compatibility and best-practice user experience standards. We’ll also make sure the code executes lightning fast and that it’s free of major security vulnerabilities.

Finally, with your final approval, we’ll launch the new code on your live server.

Are You Ready to Enhance Your Website?

Whether you’re a business starting from scratch and you don’t have a website, or you’re an existing business with a website that could look and function a little better, Vesica Marketing Group can create a winning website for your business.

Give us a call toll free at 866-384-3080 anytime or CLICK HERE for a FREE no obligation 30 minute website design consultation. Remember, you need a website to succeed in business today. Luckily, Vesica Marketing Group makes getting an outstanding website incredibly easy.


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